Captain Ed Morrissey alerts us this latest bit of insanity from the Canadian government (reported in the Toronto Sun):

Being a member of a terrorist organization won’t necessarily land someone on Canada’s no-fly list….

Proposed criteria would limit inclusion on the roster to those who pose ‘an immediate threat to aviation security,’ Transport Canada internal briefing notes say.

Gee, I thought belonging to terrorist organization was an “immediate threat to aviation security.” Did I flunk Terrorism 101?

But you’ll be comforted to know that the Canadians won’t be letting any old terrorist onto the seat next to you. Even if you’re paid up at Al Qaeda, you can still be barred from Air Canada if you’ve: 

– – Been convicted of one or more serious and life-threatening crimes against civil aviation, meaning a public air carrier, in Canada or abroad.

— Attempted to commit an offence or offences related to civil aviation.

— Been convicted of one or more violent criminal offences and have a motive to attack or harm an air carrier.

— Been determined, based on their behaviour or actions, to constitute an immediate threat to civil aviation.

There, now you’ll sleep better. I guess that last one means: “Been spotted with box-cutter in pocket murmuring deathbed prayers to Allah.”

Hasn’t it occurred to the Canadian Transport pooh-bahs that most air-terrorists don’t make it alive to the “convicted” stage?

As Captain Ed asks: “[W]hy have a no-fly list if terrorists don’t automatically qualify for it?”