Cindy Sheehan, spotted in this photo at a pizza parlor on Day 15 of her supposed “hunger strike,” still looks as though she could use going on a fast as opposed to being on one. (Thanks, Florida Cracker, via Malkin.)

Cindy’s list of hunger strike-friendly food items grows ever longer: coffee, smoothies, vanilla ice cream, and now, apparently, beer. (Unless that was water in the emptied glass next to Cindy). What’s next–a cheeseburger?

What I’d like to know is: When is Cindy going down to Crawford, Texas, to sit in the blazing summer sun outside the G.W. Bush ranch as she’s been promising us for weeks? Yukking it up in an air-conditioned restaurant with gal-pals Cynthia “Don’t Have to Show You No Steenkeeng Badges” McKinney and Code Pinkie Medea Benjamin doesn’t sit too well with Cindy’s vaunted “moral authority.”