As nicely put in the Bookroom Room, Code Pink: Women for Peace is one among other “icky little anti-American groups that America produces.” The organization flits about at venomous anti-American and anti-Israeli happenings – such as the conference “Where Next For The Global Anti-War And Anti-Globalization Movements? An International Strategy Meeting – which Bookroom calls a “hatefest.”  

Meanwhile, the actress Brigitte Bardot has announced she’s “ashamed to be French” and just may pick up her toys and migrate to Sweden. And why is Bardot fed up with her native country? Is it, as Opinion Journal asks in “French Fried,” because of its “anti-Semitism? Paris’s weaselly foreign policy and support for dictators like Saddam Hussein?…Nope.” Rather, as the AP reports, she is “angered over what she called France’s insensitivity to the plight of minks.”

One woman who cannot be accused of such effeteness nor who buys in to what she calls “this knee-jerk blame Israel for everything” mentality is a Dominican nun from Jericho, N.Y., who has founded a group called Christians for Fair Witness on the Middle East. Seth Gitell, writing in The New York Sun, describes the organization’s purpose of making people, and in particular Protestants and Catholics, better understand the war over the Middle East.  Sister Lautt, trained as a litigator, founded the group in response to the mad dash among the United Church of Christ and Presbyterians to support divestment from Israel. The group’s pro-Israel viewpoint flows from the post-Vatican II positions taken on social justice as it pertains to Jews and Israel.

Such bold voices urgently need to be heard in the mainline Christian churches, which are deeply infected by a reflexive and pernicious anti-Israelism