When Hillary showed a little cleavage in the “V” of her blue pantsuit neckline the other day, National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez suggested she could have used a little layering. The Anchoress disagreed:

In fact, I think Hillary has never looked better than she has in recent years. The hair is always washed and usually pretty well coifed. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her looking wrinkled (face or pantsuits) and her make-up is well done.

None of that changes the fact that – at State of the Union addresses – she often comes off like a startled and constipated prune (and you have to really, really be tight to be a constipated prune). It doesn’t change the fact that her speeches are either mind-numbing adventures in droning, or ear-shattering rants, or that I would never vote for her under any circumstance, in this life or the next. And I would certainly never “sit out” any election in which she was running.

It doesn’t change the fact that she’s done little-to-nothing in the senate, that she did little-to-nothing in the vast period of time before that. (Oh, I forgot, she was an aaaaaadvocate!) It doesn’t change the fact that she flops around like a star gymnast performing on uneven bars of entitlement and expectation with enormous help from her team and her coaches in the press, who never, ever let her fall.

I, who admittedly can’t bare cleavage because there’s none to bare, have to agree–and blue is certainly Hillary’s color. During her eight years in the White House, Hillary looked unspeakable awful nearly every single day. The weird capes, the frumpy suits with the dinner plate-size buttons, the dowdy black pumps. But once she got elected senator, she started looking pretty darned good, no matter what you might think of her politics (her pantsuit uniform really helps, as bared legs, unlike a bared bustline, do not flatter Hillary).

But as the Anchoress now points out, there’s a reason Hillary looks a lot better–she’s got a lot of campaign cash these days to burn on clothes, hairdressers, and style consulting. Here’s the New York Post on the state’s junior senator::

Clinton, the likely 2008 Democratic White House front-runner, ponied up nearly $3,000 in campaign cash for her blond tresses to get some presidential pampering from acclaimed D.C. stylist Isabelle Goetz.

Recently released federal fund-raising records show Clinton shelled out $1,500 in April for Goetz to carefully craft her coiffure and another $1,000 for a camera-ready clip in May.

She passed off both styling sessions as ‘media production’ expenses.

So, just in case you’re one of the few little people left in the Democratic Party, you now know where your hard-earned donations are going.