Here’s a breakdown:

-Feminism – that’s hot
-I heart female orgasm
-This is what a feminist looks like
-I Don’t Heart Macho Men
-Wanted: trophy husband
-I heart my vibrator

-Hate is NOT a Family Value
-Impeach Bush/Cheney
-Born Again Pagan

-Walmart ALWAYS Discriminates
-Just Say No (with a picture of a crossed out bride and groom)
-F#*k your gender
-Hire HIM! HE’s got Great Legs!
-I’m bisexual and I’m NOT attracted to you
-Monosexuality bores me
-Safe Sex Slut

-Girl power shoelaces

While I was distracted by the above mentioned merchandise, Charlotte (Hays) spotted some Republican buttons at one stand.  This seemed more than a little out of place given the crowd.  So we asked him why he was displaying Republican buttons.  His answer: “I want to scare people and remind them to vote for Democrats in November.”

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