Loyal InkWell readers might recall that Comedy Central’s the Colbert Report is one of my favorite TV shows.  My second favorite segment of the show (behind only the “Threat Down!”) is “Better Know a District.”  Each week Colbert highlights a congressional district and interviews its congressman.  Colbert’s satire + leading questions + confused politicians = hilarity for viewers. 
I fell a little behind on my Colbert Report watching while I was at the NOW conference.  But I watched a few episodes last night and caught a glimpse of the best “Better Know a District” segment ever.  Check out Rep. Wexler of Florida’s 19th district — the fighting 19th!  Colbert got Wexler to finish the sentence “I enjoy cocaine because…”
Naturally, news outlets were quick to jump on the coverage.  Be sure to watch Colbert’s hilarious response to the media attention on a subsequent show here.