Having your father force you to marry is a bad thing (see my post today below), but as this New York Times article points out (courtesy of Arts & Letters Daily) points out, having your father find you a date that leads to marriage can be a good thing. Reporter Stephanie Rosenbloom points out::

“You’ve tried Craigslist and Club Med, and have nothing but flirty e-mail messages and hangovers to show for it. Speed dating made you nauseated, and your Web profile is so exaggerated you barely recognize yourself. Some days, you just feel like crawling home to Mom and Dad.

“In Ali Seidman Hammer’s case, her father came to her.

“Ms. Seidman Hammer, 29, who works at a jewelry company in Manhattan, never lacked suitors. But when she and a boyfriend broke up in 2002, her father wanted to help. He reached out to the son of a longtime family friend, Dave Bray, who contacted a fraternity brother, Mike Hammer. They went on their first date in November 2002 and were married in April this year.”

Rosenbloom’s article cites other examples of successful parental matchmaking. And why not? As 32-year-old Leslie Arker, who’s happily married to the son of her father’s golf partner and expecting her second child, says:

“At the end of the day…your parents know you.”