The Other Charlotte and Allison have been reporting deliciously on the antics of NOW (Nagging Old Women) as its members hobbled to Albany, N.Y., to blast men, insult their guest-speakers and otherwise indulge in geriatric good fun. Meanwhile fellow blogstress Miss Kelly alerts us to the places where the oppression of women means more than forcing them to wear lipstick and get their hair done: the lands where sharia law places their lives n the hands of their fanatical male relatives.

Miss Kelly links to this story of 18-year-old Ghazala in Pakistan, allegedly murdered a few weeks ago because she eloped with a hushand of her choice instead of marrying the one her father picked out for her. Here’s what happened, according to a report from a female relative whose English is sometimes not the best;

“After the search of three months she was found & separated by her forced husband. At that time due to interference of her father & few other tribes men she was been saved by killing, but her brothers & cousin were in search of a suitable time to kill her.

“Her father placed her in a ‘madrasa’ in Rawalpindi. On 6th or 7th of July she was brought back to her native home as she was not feeling well due to small pocks. Her uncle who is a milliner businessman in UAE forced his son Haroon age 20 to kill Ghazala age 18. He did so with the help of his local cousins on 19th July 2006 & left for UAE.

“Now the parents & other family members with the help of police made this a suicide Case. No authorities are taking this as a cruel act. I on behalf of the people of town appeal the human rights activists to reopen this issue & make the justice to her poor mother & small sisters which are also threatened to be killed by the Cousin.”

Miss Kelly asks:

“How can we bring attention to this, bring murder charges against the uncle and cousins, and protect the mother and sisters from harm?”

Meanwhile, back at NOW, they’re debating over whether wearing high heels is a sign of capitulation to the patriarchy. Not a word on actual patriarchal oppression of women.