I have an article today over at Human Events about NOW’s obsession with everything LGBT.  As you’ll note in the article, I’m not talking about an obsession with gay rights or gay marriage or anything like that.  I’m talking about an obsession with using “trans-inclusive” language and talking about your sexuality in every conversation, regardless of its relevance.  Here’s a snippet:

The first workshop I attended addressed a simple, yet crucial question: what is feminism? Conference attendees debated the definition, is feminism about equal rights or equality, equal opportunity or equality of results? A young woman stood up in the back row. ‘I just want to remind everyone that we need to use trans-inclusive language when we talk about this definition,’ she said. Huh? The discussion continued: Why is there a stigma around the word ‘feminism’? The answer: Homophobia. ‘People are either homophobic or unwilling to take on that fight,’ a participant explained. Everyone nodded. I stayed silent, still confused over the trans-inclusive language comment, what did this have to do with feminism?

In a subsequent workshop, someone asked how NOW could attract more male members. The trans-inclusive language police would have none of it: ‘When we talk about gender, we can’t forget there are more than two genders. We don’t want to exclude transgender people.’

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