Be careful what you wish for. That’s the advice that U.K. writer Nirpal Dhaliwal has for go-getter professional woman of feminist leanings who will always tell you they long for a gentle, sensitive “new man” who will do what they tell him rather than the other way around. Writes Dhaliwal in the Daily Mail:

These are cardboard cut-out men who gush with empathy whenever their wives and girlfriends need to dump their professional stresses and female angst on them: weak and soulless men who haven’t the guts to make a mark themselves, who take the passenger seat in their women’s juggernaut journey to post-feminist Nirvana.

But having ticked off the various items on their life checklist, women are left with a nagging sense of dissatisfaction. Where was the drama? Where was the passion? Where was the stimulation and growth?

Dhaliwal continues:

A true Amazon couldn’t stand the company of a supplicant male, let alone marry one. Real alpha-women are the ones who can more than hold their own with an alpha-man.

Deep down, women love men who stand up to them, who won’t be pushed around. They love men who will look them in the eye and tell them to shut up when their hormonal bickering has become too much.

Dhaliwal knows whereof he speaks, being married to chick-lit author Liz Jones, whose career, he says, is a lot more successful than his own. The Dhaliwal-Jones marriage has survived six years of ups and down, including an episode of infidelity on Dhaliwal’s part. He says he’s sorry about the pain that caused Jones–yet the marriage wouldn’t have survived had he turned into a New Man.