Allison and Charlotte have given plenty of evidence in recent weeks of just how out of touch NOW is with most women.  But in case you still aren’t convinced, consider more evidence from Connecticut.  NOW is among the chorus opposing Sen. Joe Lieberman’s reelection bid.  This spring, NOW endorsed Ned Lamont, the wealthy anti-war candidate challenging Sen. Lieberman from the left.  It’s telling that a former Democratic Vice Presidential candidate isn’t radical enough for the ladies at NOW.  While most organizations have targeted Senator Lieberman for his support of the Iraq war, NOW cites his failure to filibuster Justice Samuel Alito.  But Lieberman probably also has frustrated the radical feminists by taking centrist positions in favor of school choice and keeping an open mind on common-sense Social Security reforms.  If Senator Lieberman loses tomorrow, it will be a sorry statement about the direction of the Democratic party.