Brigitte Gabriel, an expert on the Middle East conflict and former news anchor of World News for Middle East Television, recently spoke — despite intimidation and threats — at Memphis University. Gabriel remarks:

We have grown to expect [intimidation and denial of free speech] on the major East and West Coast elite university campuses that harbor radical professors and anarchist student and radical Muslim community activities. But not in ‘Bubbaland’ as my friends from the region call it.

Gabriel has a bold habit of speaking out about the Palestinian terrorism as well as anti-Jewish and anti-Christian propaganda she has experience in her native Lebanon.

The invitation to her to speak was described by one antagonist as “worse than hosting of the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.”  She had to beg the Muslim-activist packed audience for the opportunity to be heard. And after her talk, she had to be hustled off the stage and taken to a hotel and registered under a false name.

Such demagoguery on campuses cannot be tolerated. It must be fought against even at personal cost. Our resolve must be like that of Gabriel, who declares:

Each time this happens, I hate it and it makes me feel that I don’t want to do it anymore. But I will do it. I will never stop. If we stop, the Islamists will have won. We cannot allow this to happen.