When I think of the benefits of school choice, I get all warm and fuzzy inside.  Dan Lips sums it up nicely over at Human Events Online:

Imagine back-to-school season if all families had the power to select their children’s school. Parents would control the nearly $500 billion that is spent every year on public education in America. With this purchasing power, families would shop for the best schools, tutoring programs, and instructional tools for their children.

Schools, teachers, and other education providers would compete for parents’ business-just like banks compete for your checking business. They would compete to provide quality services that best address individual students’ needs. As in other markets, the most successful schools and education services would become models for others. Underperforming schools would have to shape up or risk closing their doors when families take their business elsewhere.

The lesson is simple: When families can choose their children’s schools, the children do better academically and schools start to focus on providing a quality education to attract students.

Check out the full op-ed here.