The American left is still in the Neville Chamberlain phase, you know, appeasement. As columnist Michael Barone points out, even Chamberlain was jolted out of this stance by events:

Chamberlain proceeded to build up Britain’s military forces and to embark on a vigorous diplomacy to cabin Hitler in. He realized instantly that he had been, as Winston Churchill was to say in his funeral oration in the House of Commons, ‘deceived by a wicked man.’ He prepared to call Churchill, his bitter critic on Munich, into government. Chamberlain’s diplomacy ultimately failed: Hitler wanted war too much. But Chamberlain stayed true to his countrymen, yielding his place to Churchill and strenuously supporting him when Britain was in peril.

Can we expect as much of our Left?

I heard some traveler last week say she was glad that the Brits foiled the terror plot then she slurred Homeland Security and Michael Chertoff. Ironically, the Brits, with whom we share a legal heritage, have some tools that the American left rejects.