Our blogstress-friend Backyard Conservative has this post on a piece in the Chicago Sun-Times by Jill Carroll, the Christian Science Monitor reporter held hostage for 82 days by terrorists in Iraq:

As we stood in the small kitchen, Abu Ali, the insurgent with the salt-and-pepper beard who had abducted me, proudly declared that his wife wanted to die. Um Ali wants to be a martyr. She wants to drive a car bomb!’ he said, beaming.  Of course, she’d have to wait, since she was now four months pregnant. It is forbidden in Islam to kill a fetus at that age, he explained.

Meanwhile, as Carroll explains, Um Ali and the other terrorist wives spent their time laboring in the kitchen cooking huge feasts for their menfolk:

Meanwhile, the big silver platters of food were ready. Men carried them out to the group of insurgents meeting behind the closed door of the sitting room. Based on their comments, this house seemed to be in western Baghdad or near Abu Ghraib.I talked with Um Ali and other women in the kitchen. Yes, I traveled back and forth between countries for my job, I said. They replied that it was wrong for them to work, that they left school at age 12 to learn to cook and keep house.

Then the dinner platters returned, with the food ravaged – rice everywhere, bones with the chicken chewed off, nothing left but scraps, really.

And the women sat and began to eat the scraps. I couldn’t believe it! After all the time they’d spent preparing the meal, they got leftovers.

Backyard comments:

They can’t work, but they can be suicide bombers. Pregnant with her 4th, the woman looks forward to death. Forgive me for asking, but what do women suicide bombers have to look forward to in death, a full meal?

Backyard wonders: Why aren’t our friends the feminist ideologues protesting this sort of thing? I can answer that one: they’re too busy marching with Hezbollah.