Ding dong, the “muffin top” is dead! Have you seen a single bare midriff on display this summer? No? Isn’t it wonderful? Isn’t it about time? And except for those little denim oddities that you dare not sit down in, so is the minskirt. Aren’t the new knee-length flirty things so much prettier?

And now, college senior NeneKalu, blogging on Modestly Yours, has a post-ful of back-to-school fashion tips on how to take advantage of the new, more modest, infinitely more flattering fashions. She writes:

I like fashion, and I think that modest clothing needn’t be boring or prudish.  In fact, dressing modestly is fun and more respectful of feminine beauty.  As my friend once said, ‘Dressing appropriately does not mean walking around in a long, flowery skirt and baggy t-shirt!’

There’s plenty of good stuff here on the tunic tops, skinny jeans, and chunky necklaces that are all the rage this fall. But I like this bit of modesty advice best:

As for underwear, I know some women might  label thongs and the like as immodest.  In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what type of underwear you choose to wear as long as it is not showing (neither the lines nor the actual undergarment).  This is why it is called underwear; it should be hidden!