Reader J.C. writes: “Loved the NOW 40th anniversary coverage! As a conservative Republican who happens to be a lesbian (not sure if there’s an acronym for me) I laughed and sighed my way through Allison and Charlotte’s coverage of the Albany weekend.  Nothing has changed for these women (oops,I mean womyn). Their message is dated; their anger, once justified, now sems selfish and petty.  I too had similar beliefs fifteen or twenty years ago, but the world has changed and so have I.  It’s unfortunate that they have not, because NOW was at the forefront of women’s issues for so long and did much good.  As the aunt of a twenty-two year old socialist/feminist woman who ADORES Ani DiFranco (I don’t get it either) I can only imagine the disappointment of the younger generation of women who were looking forward to intellignt discussion and got the same old tired stories.  Don’t these foolish women see what is going on in OTHER countries?  Do they not see what President Bush and his administration have done for the women of Iraq and Afghanistan?  Of course not.  I suggest that these old gals look to the younger generation for inspiration before they all shrivel up and die from all that anger and hatred that they’ve been carrying around for all those years.”

Thanks, J.C.!  IWF’s full coverage of the NOW conference is over on our main page.  Check it out.