In a sad sign of the times, there’s a blog at Jane magazine devoted to a 29 year old girl named Sarah.  It’s titled “Sarah Needs You” — which forces the question, for what?  Is she afflicted by illness? Has she lost a loved one in Iraq?  Does she suffer from a lifelong disability?

None of the above — although, from the perspective of Jane’s editors, her condition might be even more tragic.  You see, she’s a virgin.  At 29!!!  And so you, I and everyone else we know are to hope desperately that Sarah finds someone with whom to have sex by the time she turns 30 in November. Otherwise . . . [shudder] . . . she will be a 30 year old virgin!!!

Is this really what sexual mores have come to in America? Where it’s not only stigmatizing not to have slept around — but it’s perfectly okay to discuss this fact not only with everyone you know, but also everybody you don’t? 

Talk about tragic . . . How exactly does “Sarah” think she’s going to feel about all this when she someday has a 13 year old daughter, and she wants to encourage that little girl to respect herself and her body?