I’d like to thank Charlotte (Allen) for brightening up my day with this post.

Taking matters one step further, John Derbyshire suggests forcing Kim Jong Il to watch Team America: World Police over at the Corner.  For those of you who missed the marionette masterpiece, Kim Jong Il has a memorable musical number “I’m so Ronery” which is so glorious it even tops Saddam Hussein’s musical number from the South Park movie. 

Derbyshire’s suggestion immediately reminded me of this article from NRO last year which makes a great point about South Park’s influence on my generations’ perception of the axis of evil:

“After seeing Team America it is virtually impossible…to see a picture of Kim Jong Il or even hear his name without the goofy South Park puppet leaping to mind.”

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have already schooled bin Laden, Saddam, and Il.  What’s next?  I vote for a powerful Ahmadinejad musical number…