In response to my Women’s Equality Day op-ed Reader K.R. writes:

“I am sickened by where the feminist movement has gone.  They are no longer proud women fighting for equality for all women all over the world, but brash Vagina Monologue types who hate men and conservative women.”

She continues, “We need to get back to being proud, hard-working women and mothers, and shove these new embarrassing feminists aside.  We need to help our fellow sisters in other countries. We do have equality here (for the most part, I’m not complaining). Now let’s help the other women of the world.”

Well said.  Reader L.N. suggests a different way to frame the debate:

“Appropriate feminism seeks a level legal playing field for women; inappropriate feminism seeks to re-grade the playing field to give women an advantage over men.”

No complaints there – sounds like a great idea.  As always, if you?d like to submit feedback on IWF projects, commentary, or blog post, you can submit them here.