Break out your backpacks, calculators, and number two pencils– it’s time to go back to school. This week students are flocking back to college campuses across the country to begin another year of higher education. But exams aren’t the only challenge that will face students this year.

Freshman sitting through days of orientation will be faced with grossly inaccurate rape statistics- a scare tactic employed by radical feminists to present men as the enemy and women as the victims.

Other students will make the mistake of enrolling in women’s studies classes where they can learn to reject -traditional forms of inquiry, concepts, and explanatory systems- and favor of contracts of self-grading, diaries and journals, even meditation or ritual. So much for academic rigor, eh?

Still other students will find their favorite male sports team missing- a victim of the well meaning, but misinterpreted Title IX legislation which too often is used to take opportunities away from men instead of providing new opportunities for women.

As a result of all these radical feminist ideas, reinforced by professors, campus “resource centers” for women, and a prevalence of liberal women’s organizations, students receive a one-sided, and decidedly liberal, perspective. Many young women leave college with an unhealthy view of marriage and misguided ideas about what it takes to succeed in the workplace.

IWF challenges that dynamic by fostering intellectual freedom, ideological diversity, and personal responsibility through its campus program.

The IWF campus program is multifaceted, featuring student programs, research, and a response system for campus outrages:

Student programs include a student essay contest in the fall, Take Back the Date in the spring (an initiative to reclaim Valentine’s Day from radical feminists who use a day of romance to promote vulgar and promiscuous behavior through the Vagina Monologues ), and an annual sex and dating conference for Washington interns in the summer.

Research by IWF experts tackles a wide range of campus issues, including Title IX, women’s studies, and sex and dating on campus. We even publish student commentary on our website.

IWF also responds to campus outrages. Many schools feature radical feminist programs such as the sex worker art show that came to Bucknell University last spring. Others feature radical professors such as a women’s studies professor who posted topless photos of herself on the Internet. The school defended her right to “academic freedom.” When feminists do outrageous things on campus, IWF will be there waiting. Students can submit cases to IWF by emailing [email protected] and IWF staff will work with the students to bring these outrageous stories to the public.

To learn more about IWF’s campus program sign up for campus email alerts or email [email protected] .