The Anchoress has this to say about the George W. Bush snuff-fantasy film “Death of a President” (click here to watch a clip) that’s currently the talk of the Toronto International Film Festival:

“It occurs to me, upon reading this c— that certain folks on the left have been ‘joking’ about the idea of killing George W. Bush since ‘way before he even was elected president in 2000 (and yes, he was elected…every recount proved it, get over it). Remember ‘Snipers wanted,’ being flashed onto Bush’s picture on some late-night talk show? Was it Craig Kilborn? I can’t remember the host – he doesn’t matter, anyway – but I remember the event, and I remember the left telling the world to lighten up and get a sense of humor.

“Humor. It’s funny to kill a president. We certainly laughed in 1963, didn’t we?

“Remembering the ‘Snipers Wanted’ bit makes me realize that this Bush hate on the left is not about Bush. It’s not about Iraq, it’s not about the war on terror, it’s not about tax cuts…it’s not about Bush. It’s about the foot-stomping tantrums of the perpetually adolescent who – even before the 2000 elections – could not bear even the idea of their side being out of power in congress and out of the White House. It has never been about Bush. They’d hate any Republican in that White House just as roundly and completely, on any pretext….

“It’s all disgusting and they disgust me, right now, too – the far-out-of-their-minds left, and the politicians who pander to them, and the mediafolk who encourage them. Their silence indicts them. And none have ever turned my stomach so completely as they do, now, in that rather satisfied and smug silence. And no, they’ll never grow up.”