No, Other Charlotte, there are more  things to be said about CBS’s Katie-astrophe! Katie, hailed as one giant step for women, has canned one of the network’s real female reporters, medical ace Elizabeth Kaledin, in order to hire…her own doctor.

Dr. Jonathan LaPook, a popular Upper West Side physician, will already be familiar to TV viewers as Katie’s co-conspirator in one of the low points of TV human interest stories: Katie’s own infamous colonoscopy.

The New York Observer talked to Ms. Kaledin:

“The thing I’d feel most comfortable saying, which is the truth, is that I am heartbroken by the loss of my job and have spent 20 years working to get to this point, only to be replaced by someone with no journalistic experience only because he’s a doctor,” she said. “I have worked incredibly hard from the smallest markets in TV to get to this point. I have never pissed anybody off. My reporting career is unblemished. I’m well-liked. I work hard. I’ve been loyal to CBS.”