Tony Blankley reports (the fictional) Lord Harry Reid’s chamber response to an address by the Prime Minister:

“Protecting democracy in France? Pish and piffle. Two Empires and three broken republics in three generations. Democracy is wasted on the French.
    “Worse, he has only created Nazi enemies where before there were none. Let the record before the House of Lords show that when we declared war on Germany last September there wasn’t a single Nazi soldier in France. Now, there are over a million — while 50,000 of our best lay dead or terribly injured. Churchill’s cheap argument that it is better to fight the Nazis over there in France so we won’t have to fight them here at home — is coming a cropper. According to Reuters’s Berlin desk, proud young German men started lining up at the army recruiting stations when they read in Der Stuermer that Churchill had Jewish friends who were egging him on to fight Hitler….”