Read Carrie Lukas’ latest article on National Review, Ms. Radio. What Women Really Want on Air.

Three of America’s most controversial women– Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, and Rosie O’Donnell –just launched an all-women-run radio network, promising to offer programming that’s less polarizing than the typical all-talk AM radio fare.

A women-centered radio network isn’t a bad idea: Lots of successful media outlets specifically target women, from sappy television romances on Lifetime and Oxygen to family-centered morning shows and magazines. The new all-women creation, Greenstone Media, follows a similar model. It endeavors to be entertaining as well as informative, and relate to women’s everyday challenges with family and work. Steinem told Reuters that the network has a “different spirit,” will offer “more community” and show “respect for different points of view,” instead of “constant arguing.”

Also, see Michelle D. Bernard’s quote in the New York Sun.


A. Yasmine Rassam and Lida Sahar Noory have an article on Human Events, Who Will Defend Iran’s Women?


Iran’s most famous human rights defender was ordered this month to close her Center for Defense of Human Rights or face arrest. This direct threat to Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, sent a clarion call to the world community that it must make clear that Iran’s deteriorating human rights record, especially its treatment of women, is intolerable.

Ebadi provided free legal representation to journalists, students and dissidents who faced prosecution for peaceful assembly. She also represented women and men who had been detained and beaten while demonstrating for their basic rights on International Women’s Day. If Ebadi’s law firm is closed, representation for those women who are struggling to put women’s basic freedoms freedoms on the Iranian agenda is threatened.