Aren’t the liberal media a hoot and a half? The pope quotes some dead 14th-century Byzantine emperor saying that Islam is “evil,” and the New York Times lectures him for not running his papacy right. Then Venezuelan maximum leader Hugo Chavez calls George W. Bush a “devil”–and the media take him seriously! They love Chavez!

Charles Barnett has a wonderful post on Hugh Hewitt’s blog linking to the Daily Kos’s tut-tutting of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for joining the rest of the sane Democrats and criticizing Chavez instead of Bush:

“Unfortunately, everything Chavez said about him is absolutely true. It’s also really nice of you to make him look good just before the fall elections. Why don’t you resign. You are clearly incompetent, mindless and totally ineffectual.”

Barnett comments:

“Now it’s election season, and it’s time to pay the piper. The Democratic politicians who have chosen to closely identify their campaigns with the bloggers and the bloggers’ tactics will be called to account. And the same goes for the Democratic Party that clutched to its heart people who habitually spewed rhetoric like Chavez used this week.”