Like Charlotte (Allen) I’ve also written on this issue in the past.  Check out my column on page 19 in this issue of The Counterweight from Bucknell University.

Some points of interest from the article:

-The Forest Service in San Francisco instituted a 43% employment quota for women after a lawsuit.  A serious problem arouse when the Forest Service couldn’t find enough qualified women, even though there was a surplus of qualified male applicants.  So, in an effort to fill the quota they placed a notice that read: Only unqualified personnel may apply. 

-A female firefighter from British Columbia was laid off after she failed a physical aptitude test four times.  She sued, and was given her job back after the courts ruled that the aerobic test was discriminatory against females.

-Lowering standards isn’t the only option (though it is certainly the most popular option).  The Austin Fire Department offered a strength training program to applicants to prepare them for the physical tests.  After the program, qualified women ended up in the department.