Here’s a long-forgotten memo that just surfaced in the U.K.’s national archives:

“SUFFRAGETTES planned to assassinate the Prime Minister early in the last century and honed their gun skills at a shooting range, according to Home Office advisers investigating the threat.Their memorandum, from 1909, describes pickets at the House of Commons as ‘half-insane women’ who intended to commit acts of violence.
“It includes an investigation report from Special Branch at New Scotland Yard that identifies one of the suspects as ‘a little woman wearing a tam-o’-shanter’….

“The Home Office memorandum, which discusses whether the pickets should be removed, reveals that threats were made to Herbert Asquith, the Prime Minister. It says that ‘there is now definite ground for fearing the possibility of the PM’s being fired at by one of the pickets at the entrance to the House’, and that the women were planning ‘something nearly amounting to a conspiracy to murder’.”

Hmm, sounds sort of like this.