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IWF Urges Continued Support for Afghanistan

(Washington, DC)Violence in Afghanistan has heightened intensely in the past few months. In Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan 18 people were killed by a suicide blast outside of the governor’s office this week. The provincial director of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Kandahar was on her way to work Monday morning when two gunmen on motorcycles shot her to death outside her home.

The security of Afghanistan rests in the hands of both the Afghan people and the international community.? Afghanistan has endured nearly 30 years of war prior to 9/11 and cannot fight this battle on its own.

“Security remains a fundamental prerequisite for achieving stability and a democratic future in Afghanistan,” said Lida Sahar Noory, director of foreign policy and international women?s issues at the Independent Women’s Forum.

Security continues to be a pressing issue in Afghanistan as insurgencies deepens. Last week five women were killed and 18 wounded by a grenade attack at a wedding in village north of Kabul.

“Women in Afghanistan continue to be threatened and killed simply for their beliefs and active efforts to ensure that women are involved socially, politically, and economically during this development process,” Noory continued.

President Bush and Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai held a joint press conference this week and Karzai focused on his nation?s security concerns urging that more action needs to take place.

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