Of course, coed dorms are perfectly harmless. But wait-you might want to read this article about the latest development at Virginia’s College of William and Mary:

“The student Senate has passed a bill calling on the college administration to establish a voluntary ‘gender blind’ housing option by next school year, allowing members of the opposite sex to live together.

“The impetus came not from boyfriend-girlfriend couples but from gay students who complained about uncomfortable experiences living with same-sex roommates, student senator Zach Pilchen said. …

“‘I don’t think it’s that big a leap to live together, too,’ [Pilchen] said.

“Some colleges agree. Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania has allowed men and women to share about 20 percent of its dorm rooms for at least four years, said Myrt Westphal, associate dean for student life.

“Gay and transgender students pushed for the arrangement, she said. Although college officials recommend that roommates avoid romantic entanglements, the school took the stand that it’s a student’s choice, not a parent’s – and has received only a handful of complaints, Westphal said.”