A landmark ruling regarding the choices we make and how this affects our pay has been handed down by the European court:

“Women who take time out of the workplace for maternity leave have no automatic right to the same pay as male colleagues who are doing the same job but have not had time off, Europe’s top court ruled yesterday. 

“The landmark ruling, described as the most important sex discrimination judgment for ten years, means that companies can legally pay some workers more for length of service even though a woman’s ability to compete on time served will be curtailed by her decision to have children.”

“IS IT ME OR DOES THIS SOUND…COMPLETELY FAIR?” Kathryn Jean Lopez asks on The Corner. 

K-Lo, it is completely fair.

It is, in fact, a point IWF has been making for years–women often make different choices from men, and this–rightfully–has an impact on salary.

We’d go so far to say that this is a benefit for women–taking time off for motherhood is a plus for many women (not to mention their children). But the employer should not have to pay for this.