The editors have a good editorial on the Foley mess here.

In lighter fare, Igor Khrestin says that Kazakhstan should lighten up about Borat and enjoy the publicity (bad publicity for Kazakhstan beats…no publicity):  read more here.

In honor of the 10th season of South Park (tonight, 10pm eastern time, Comedy Central) Cathy Seipp takes a look at the show and the often used, yet incorrect term “South Park Conservatives.”  As Seipp points out, South Park isn’t really conservative – Matt Stone and Trey Parker simply hate liberals more than they hate conservatives.  Says Seipp, “Probably the philosophy is best described as a sort of don’t-tread-on-me libertarianism rooted in the anti-establishment West.”  Regardless, the show is still HA-larious.  Read more about the fabulous (and real – albeit a county, not a town) South Park, Colorado here.