If you wander over to the IWF main page, you’ll notice that we’ve posted the newest IWF podcast-an interview with Carrie Lukas about her book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism-in the feature spot.  If you haven’t listened to the interview yet, you can do so here.

Over on the Campus Corner, you’ll notice two new student commentaries.  Kate Schindler of George Washington takes a look at the campus “hook-up” culture, while Sara Lynn Dix of DePaul University asks, “Can conservatives be feminists?”

For any students out there interested in submitting op-eds for the IWF website, instructions are here (and, of course, if you’re a female undergraduate you should enter the IWF 2006-2007 college essay contest!).  As for the IWF podcasts, we are planning on doing a lot more in the future, so if you have suggestions for guests or topics, please send them in.

Happy reading (and listening).