Well, I know what I’ll be watching on Sunday night:

The three Duke lacrosse players accused of rape and the other dancer from the now-infamous party give their first interviews this Sunday on 60 Minutes.  Check out the preview of the episode:

“‘Your whole life you try to, you know, stay on the right path, and to do the right things,’ says Reade Seligmann. ‘And someone can come along and take it all away, just by going like that. [points his finger]. Just by pointing their finger. That’s all it takes,’ he tells Bradley. Seligmann says he has an alibi bolstered by photographic and electronic evidence. He says neither investigators from the prosecutor’s office nor police have questioned him about the night of the alleged crime since he was picked out of a line-up by the accuser, an exotic dancer performing at a lacrosse team party where she says the rape occurred.

“‘[The police line-up] felt like Russian Roulette. It could have been any single one of us. Kids were even calculating their chances…the percentage…that you would get picked,’ Seligmann recalls. Then he was indicted. ‘To see my face on TV, and that, you know, in those little mug shots, and above it saying, you know, ‘Alleged rapists.’ You don’t know what that does to me and to my family and to the people that care about me,’ he says.

“‘This woman has destroyed everything I worked for in my life,’ says David Evans, a team captain who graduated last spring. ‘She’s put it on hold. She’s destroyed two other families and she’s brought shame on a great university. Worst of all, she’s split apart a community and a nation on facts that just didn’t happen and a lie that should have never been told,’ Evans tells Bradley.