Reader J.M. is not amused by reader B.F.‘s jabs at the IWF’s Carrie Lukas for daring to agree with Louann Brizendine’s claim in her book “The Female Brain” pointing out that, surprise, surprise, men and women think differently! Such thoughts were anathema to the very politically correct B.F. (see the Mailbag for Oct. 12):

“Carrie Lukas’ gushing review of ‘The Female Brain’ by Louann Brizendine remains proudly on the home page of your website…

“Of course, for the ladies-who-lunch crowd at IWF, junk science is only something to raise when advocating for tort reform or to bash feminists. I suppose one should not judge Ms. Lukas or the other ladies at IWF too harshly; after all with all those hormones buzzing around, we can’t expect them to show manly traits such as accuracy in what they write.”

Here’s what J.M. has to say:

“I don’t agree with everything Dr. Brizendine says, and I don’t agree with every one of Carrie’s points,but that’s beside the point. This was a BOOK REVIEW. Carrie was not writing a position paper, she was simply STATING HER OPINION, which she is entitled to. You can disagree with an idea without being afraid of it

“That’s a lesson that I’ve finally learned. If you have an opposing viewpoint, present it coherently and logically. Don’t just take a gratuitious slap at Carrie and the IWF. Make your case, and let the readers decide.”

Exactly. So who makes more sense, B.F. or Carrie?