Can’t stand Hillary Clinton?  Meet my roommate, Amanda Carpenter of Human Events (one of the all-star judges in the 2006-2007 College Essay Contest – Have you entered yet?).  Amanda examines the track record of Hillary Clinton as a US senator in the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy’s Dossier on Hillary Clinton.  Topics in the book include how Hillary played politics with 9/11, how Hillary avoids media scrutiny, and much more.

Now, clearly Hillary is going to win her re-election bid this year.  It’s pretty much a cake walk for her.  But the question on everyone’s mind is will she run for president in 2008?  If she does, an interesting campaign finance question might come up (which Amanda devotes a good chunk of her book to).  Bill Clinton has earned over 20 million dollars in speaking fees from foreign sources since he left the White House.  It’s illegal to use foreign money for US campaigns.  But HRC might have found a loophole.  Bill’s foreign money is in a joint checking account with Hillary.  It is legal to use family money for a campaign.  Top campaign finance lawyers that Amanda interviewed for the book say that the money in that account is fair game for a presidential run and even Russ Feingold admitted to Amanda that he had not thought of such a scenario when drafting the McCain/Feingold campaign finance legislation.  So, to recap: HRC could legally use half the money in the account, but the source of the money should be illegal.  If Hillary ends up running, keep an eye on that situation – it could get very interesting, very quickly.

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