As you’ll note if you take a look at the IWF homepage – we’ve got Social Security on our minds here at IWF.  Particularly, much-needed Social Security reform in the form of Personal Retirement Accounts (PRAs).

IWF’s Carrie Lukas makes the case for Social Security as an important election issue to consider this November.  Why should voters and policymakers act now?  Carrie has the answer:

“The problem gets harder to fix with each day that passes.  As with any financial problem, it is easier to address immediately than if you wait and let your debts continue to accumulate before taking action.  Right now, it is still possible to create a system that allows workers to opt to save a portion of their payroll taxes for their own retirement.  It will require an initial investment, but ultimately will create a much more financially stable system.  If we wait until Social Security begins running a deficit, it becomes even harder to fix the problem.”

Also on the homepage is the latest publication from IWFSocial Insecurity, written by yours truly.  IWF has a rich history of showing how women stand to benefit from SS reform.  In Social Insecurity, I show how young people stand to benefit.  And I tried my best to throw in enough hip-hop and Ashlee Simpson references to keep the masses entertained.  Enjoy.