To add my take to that of The Other Charlotte on all those Dem-crazed election polls, here’s a great column by John Podhoretz. The Pod’s take: who you think will sweep the House/Senate on Nov. 7:

“If your clock’s set to Mainstream Media Time, you believe for a certainty that the Democrats are poised to win 20 to 40 seats in the House of Representatives, thereby taking control of that body for the first time in 12 years. You also think Democrats are on the cusp of winning six Senate seats to take control of that chamber as well.

“Those of you on Mainstream Media Time believe the American people are fed up with Republicans, that GOP voters are depressed and won’t turn out and Democrats are loaded for bear and will go to the polls even if five feet of snow fall on Election Day.

“Your evidence is largely made up of poll data indicating wild discontent with Congress, with Democrats posing severe challenges to scores of Republican incumbents while Republicans are hardly nipping at any Democratic incumbents’ heels.”

Then, there are those on Blog Time: They don’t rely on polls, John explains, but rather, small data points–such as the way the Mark Foley scandal was supposed to set social conservatives a-fleeing from the GOP–whereas actually some of the post-Foley polls started to flip back in the Republicans’ favor, soon after the Foley revelations. John writes:

“At some point last week, Republicans and conservatives on Blog Time began to cheer up, and Democrats and liberals on Blog Time began to worry. The head man at the hard-Left expressed his fear that Democrats had peaked too early, while the folks at the conservative seemed sure that their team was saving itself from certain disaster.”

And John thinks that although those on Mainstream Media Time regard the election as a foreordained Dem sweep, there’s a darned good chance that those on Blog Time have it right.

Hat tip: Instapundit. And don’t forget to vote in Insty’s election poll–and check his results!