Faithful reader and Women’s Quarterly contributor Sandra Miesel e-mails an addendum to Carol’s post on the sexual innuendo that pops up everywhere in today’s society, even in supposedly public-spirited pitches to get out the vote (see “Has It Really Come to This?,” Oct. 24). Sandra reminds us that combining sex and the ballot box is a time-honored tactic of our friends on the oversexed left:

“That naughty get-out-the-vote ad is hardly original. The Sandinistas used that approach [in the 1990 preseidental election in Nicaragua]: campaign posters with naked couple standing close together (midsection blocked out) emblazoned with the slogan, “The first time when you do it with love, it’s beautiful.”

“The Sandinistas lost the election.”

Let’s hope they’re are running the same ads this year–for with another Nicarauguan election coming up on Nov. 5, they’re hoping to grab back their Marxism-loving, U.S.-hating power, and of course are supported by the same crew of goofball-left U.S. sandalistas who carpeted the country with folksongs and granola back in the 1980s.