For anyone out there in the “Webb’s fiction shouldn’t be considered a campaign issue” camp, check out this fine point raised by former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie:

Throughout this campaign (and what a circus it has been!) Webb has made constant reference to himself as a writer.  He’s made a point of making sure everyone knows he’s a writer and has said that his writings have had a great impact on him as a person and as a candidate – implying that it would even influence the type of legislation he would push for if elected. 

Webb made his writing a campaign issue, Allen’s camp simply looked at the content – and I think that’s a fair thing to do.  If someone says their writing will influence their politics, look at the content.  And, boy did they find some creepy stuff.  So creepy, in fact, that most newspapers won’t even post the content for fear that it is too vulgar (as Charlotte points out below).