Be sure to check out IWF’s Yasmine Rassam’s coverage of the Saddam verdict over at Human Events:

“…this verdict is undeniably justice rarely seen in that part of the world. The simple fact that an Arab dictator may face a hangman’s noose for the first time in history seems to have eluded the anti-war crowd. But such a vivid reminder of the vulnerability of modern-day thugs who have ruled millions of Arabs through force and intimidation is not lost on the Arab masses or, for that matter, anyone else who lives where such rulers exist.

“Dictators have been the norm in the Arab world for the past hundred years. Too often it seems the only way to get rid of them is by terminal disease or by deposing or assassinating them. To actually catch them in a rat hole, eating a Mars bars, with lice in their hair and then put them on trial, affording them the best defense that stolen money can buy, confront them with witnesses to their crimes, listen to their demented and dim-witted harangues for years on end — it is truly historic. It is a mind-boggling first that will have deep psychological reverberations for years to come.”

Read the full article here.