…by Palestinian men. And it’s about time, writes my friend Jack Kemp (not the politician) in The American Thinker:

“How did this article ever get published by the Associated Press and printed in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, no less? Stories of women being abused and raped in the Palestinian territories. And a woman Western journalist actually caring enough to chronicle the plight of abused women there. Didn’t she know that under the theory of multiculturalism, we aren’t supposed to impose our Western values on Third World peoples because it would be racist and acting like colonialists? The article cites a Human Rights Watch study. HRW must be feeling the heat from critics of its very spotty attention to human rights abuses by Arab regimes, compared to its focus on Israel. But by having such an article in the mainstream press, they are admitting or implying many things: that not all Palestinian problems are caused by Israel; that perhaps wifebeaters and rapists aren’t romatic freedom fighters and sympathetic oppressed victims; that perhaps any monies donated to the Palestinian Authority should include demands that such behavior be stopped or both monies and political sympathies could be withdrawn in the near — rather than far — future.  Frankly, I’m shocked that such topics are now being discussed openly in liberal press circles. It must be Karl Rove’s doing. Either that, or the direct effect of the US — and the Israeli — military in the Middle East.”