Feeling low about yesterday’s election? Comfort yourself with one good datum: Global warming’s a crock. Yesterday I blogged on Christopher Monckton’s U.K. Telegraph article about the massaged statistics that went into the creation of the so-called “hockey stick” graph purportng to show that the earth stayed nice and cool from the dawn of mankind until the invention of the internal combustion engine, at which point earth temps shot skyward. Monckton points out the creators of the hockey stick pretended that the “medieval warm period,” a 500-year stretch in which the climate of northern Europe was balmy, didn’t exist.

And now, the Hudson Institute tomorrow will host a lunch and reading by economist Dennis Avery and physicist Fred Singer from their new book “Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years.” Here’s the skinny on the book:

“During the course of their research Avery, an agricultural economist and senior fellow at Hudson Institute, and Singer, a climate physicist, assemble considerable physical and historical evidence of the natural climate-change cycle that ranges from ancient Roman, Egyptian, and Chinese temperature records, to harvests of historic wine grapes — which are the most accurate and sensitive indicators of temperature, the authors explain. Avery and Singer also examine and analyze Vikings’ tooth enamel in Greenland’s cemeteries, ice cores, seabed sediments, tree rings, fossil pollen, and cave stalagmites to document their research.

“The authors show that the science of the natural cycle runs counter to what many believe and fear will happen as a result of man-made global warming. They debunk such climate-change myths as the looming extinction of polar bears; the possibility of rising sea levels drowning New York; and famine caused by warming.”

The event will take place at the Hudson Institute’s Washington headquarters at 1015 15th St. N.W., 6th Floor. The spread is guaranteed to be fabulous. Don’t miss it if you’re in town.