Lost in the shuffle of election analysis was this fabulous article on the Duke rape scandal by Thomas Sowell over at National Review Online.  It’s worth going back and giving it a read.  Sowell questions the motives of many parties involved in the case, including District Attorney Mike Nifong:

“Rape is a felony with serious consequences for all concerned. You might think that the district attorney would have some interest in determining whose story is credible and whose story is full of holes.

“But that is only if he is interested in seeing justice done. I predicted, months ago, that Nifong would let this case drag on until the public loses interest in it and then let it quietly fizzle out after the media spotlight is gone.

“After all, the case has already served his purpose in getting him his party’s nomination for district attorney. It has also served the purposes of local racial activists by giving them an occasion to march, shout, denounce, and threaten.

“It has served the purposes of the Duke University faculty by allowing them to come out on the politically correct side of the issue by condemning the upscale white guys and showing solidarity with the black accuser.

“Why ruin all this by getting bogged down in facts?”

You can read the whole article here.

In other Duke news, another co-worker of the alleged victim is getting involved in the debate.  See what he has to say here.