Over at Human Events IWF’s Yasmine Rassam recounts how we got in Iraq, what went wrong, and where we should go from here.  The latter is clearly the most important:

“So, what now? The errors of the past three years, the delays in reconstituting a viable Iraqi security force, and the enormous sacrifices made by Americana and Iraqis, all may argue for an early ‘redeployment’ of American troops — a euphemism for withdrawal or worse, surrender. However, now that Democrats share power and responsibility, they must realize that an abrupt withdrawal will undermine America’s and Iraq’s security interests?the stakes are just that high. As al Qaeda’s leader in Iraq boasted: ‘The enemy is now wobbly. Today they are loading their gear to flee.’
“It is tempting to ignore al Qaeda statements, as we did before 9/11. It is tempting to listen to well-meaning political advisors and just ask Iraq?s neighbors to help get us out of this ‘quagmire.’
“But is it too much to ask the new Congress, the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group, and the President’s new team to adhere to America’s principles and its promise of a better future for countries like Iraq and Afghanistan — not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because it is the only defense we have from the enemies of modern civilization. A bipartisan approach, an inclusive American approach, can still implement practical steps to correct errors but still remain committed to the only outcome the United States can afford in Iraq: a stable, democratic government in charge of their own security.”

Check out the article here.