Last week Carol expressed the hope that Americans would stigmatize Britney Spears for letting the world know about her penchant for pantyless partying. Fear not, Carol, it would seem that Americans are doing just that, as Britney becomes the most searched-for person on the internet. Los Angeles County’s family-services agency has reportedly been trying to contact Britney, the mother of two small sons, 1-year-old Sean Preston and 3-month-old Jaden James. She was visited by family-services personnel after being seen driving with Sean on her seatbelt-free lap and again after Sean fell out of his high chair and injured his head. (In a third Sean-accident, Britney dropped the baby head-first onto a New York sidewalk after tripping on her 3-inch platform heels, but fortunately one of Brit’s bodyguards caught the infant before he landed).

And the New York Post reports this:

“Three different times, Britney has checked into L.A. hotels like the Viceroy with [gal-pal and fellow skank Paris] Hilton, rather than go home to her sons, who are presumably being watched by her mother.

“Us Weekly reports that [Britney’s] father Jamie [Spears]  recently had a stern talk with his Britney. The magazine notes, ‘He was not happy with her antics . . . He told her that she’s a grown woman and needs to act like one, and she’s been making bad decisions.'”

Britney (along with Paris and another gal-pal and fellow skank, Lindsay Lohan) also got a dressing-down from Camille Paglia in this interview about the no-knickers phenomenon:

“These girls are lowering themselves to the level of backstreet floozies. It angers me because I fought a bitter fight to get feminism back on track and be pro-sex at the same time. This is degrading the entire pro-sex wing of feminism….”

“I am completely appalled by what these young women are doing because I think that they are cheapening their own image and obliterating all sexual mystery and glamour, which are the heart of the star system….

“These are women who are clearly out of control because the old studio era is over. The studio system…guided and shaped the careers of the young women who it signed up. It maximized their sexual allure by dealing it out in small doses and making sure you don’t have — what has become here — a situation of anarchy.”

And Britney herself has issued an apology, sort of. She’s admitted she went “a little too far” in her efforts to recover from her disastrous marriage to Kevin Federline. That’s a start, Brit, but it’s not quite enough.