The best report I’ve seen so far on the Iraq Study Group recommendations:

“The Baker Study Group released their report on new Iraq strategies. Here are the some of the other options for Iraq currently on the table:

“Implement phased withdrawal of all media access

“Rapidly train Iraqi security forces in use of butterfly knives

“Try to meet insurgents halfway by burning own effigies of Bush

“Promote Smithfield Ham-sponsored “Hey, America, What’s Your Exit Strategy?” contest

“Spend a weekend researching the customs and history of the Iraqi people

“Stop half-assing USO shows

“Teach Iraqis about ultimate futility of sectarian violence by pointing out that, Shiite or Sunni, they all look alike anyway

“Move operations over to another country that will embrace democracy more.”

Well, yes, it’s from The Onion. But they make about as much sense as the real ISG recommendations.

Hat tip to Kathryn Jean Lopez.