One of the smartest tactics feminists ever developed was hiding ideologically-charged programs behind innocuous-sounding terms. One of their great triumphs: “violence against women,” which led to the Violence Against Women Act.

Who, pray tell, doesn’t want to stop “violence against women”? But the Violence Against Women Act was a feminist boondoggle that presented a warped notion of domestic relations.

Well, golly, what did you expect from the Clinton administration? But is the Bush administration set to do more of the same in its penultimate year in office?

A group called RADAR charges that it is. In an on-line alert, RADAR claims that a forthcoming “Surgeon General’s Call to Action on Women’s Mental Health” is based on flawed information and, reading between the lines, will toe the feminist line on violence against women.

I can’t find anything official on the report beyond this, but the RADAR statement is compelling, and I’m going give the anonymous author of the alert the benefit of the doubt and assume he has seen a draft (as claimed) and urge you to go to RADAR’s website and click on Alert to read about what is apparently the latest example of your tax dollar supporting the feminist agenda.