This from National Review editor Rich Lowry on America’s weirdest ex-president (hat tip; Kathy Shaidle):

“Incredibly, given his media presence, Carter thinks that he is being silenced by shadowy forces. He makes this bizarre claim: ‘My most troubling experience has been the rejection of my offers to speak, for free, about the book on university campuses with high Jewish enrollment.’ Does Carter keep track of which schools have lots of Jews? And who does he think is keeping him from speaking at them?

“Just as creepy is a passage in the book about Christians in Galilee who ‘complained to us that their holy sites and culture were not being respected by Israeli authorities — the same complaint heard by Jesus and his disciples almost 2,000 years earlier.’ As New Yorker writer Jeffrey Goldberg notes, ‘There are, of course, no references to “Israeli authorities” in the Christian Bible. Only a man who sees Israel as a lineal descendent of the Pharisees could write such a sentence.'”

And see The Other Charlotte’s comments here.