How about co-ed bedrooms?

“Harvard is considering making its dorm rooms gender-neutral — meaning brainiacs of both sexes would be able to bunk together — a spokesman for the Ivy League university told the [Boston] Herald yesterday….

“‘The discussion about gender-neutral facilities is an ongoing one. There are already gender-neutral suites, floors and entryways,’ [Harvard spokesman Robert] Mitchell said. ‘And wherever possible, we have created gender-neutral single occupancy bathrooms. (The dorm policy change) is something that is on the table.'”

The co-ed rooms were the brainchild of some Harvard students (wouldn’t you know?) who pointed out that Clark University in nearby Worcester, Mass., has co-ed rooms in its co-ed dorms, so why not Harvard?

“‘They had a very good rationale,’ said Dean of Students Denise Darrigrand. ’(The current policy) doesn’t acknowledge the fact that some people are gay. The new policy opens up options for people to live with someone with whom they are compatible. And, given other universities’ experience with this, the reality is men and women who do choose to room together usually aren’t dating.'”

We hope. Next at Harvard: Co-ed shower stalls.